Home of Mr. Puny’s Humiliation

This is the site where you can observe and join in the humiliation of a pathetic little slut – punycunt! Most people call him “cunt” but to show respect to the magnificent Mistress Tara who are responsible for setting up this site, he will be referred to as “puny” on this site.

This site will show what a slut puny really is. He exists solely to amuse Ladies and to be humiliated and laughed at by them. Ladies and men can join this site to laugh at and humiliate him and to tell the world just how much of a slut puny is.

He is available to do humiliating things readers tell him to do and can attend Ladies parties to serve them food and drink and be the subject of humiliation as well as inflicting pain on him. He really wants to amuse Ladies doing things they don’t see everyday!

When the fabulous Mistress Tara told puny that She would grant him the supreme privilege of humiliating him on line, She thought how She would describe him so users of the site could get an idea of his interests and what he is like. She asked a friend and this is what the friend came up with: Puny is nothing but a footworshipping, massagegiving, servicegiving, cuntlicking, arselicking, fartsniffing, cocksucking, cumeating, open-arsed, ballsforbusting, sissy faggot cunt whore bitch boi trollop dirty fucking old slut.

So you can see there are few limits for puny, so don’t hesitate telling him what to do to humiliate himself so you can laugh out loud at his disgusting antics.

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  1. Vixen Sublime

    Of course this site is just an excuse for Puny to revel in his sluttiness because he is such a greedy little fucktoy! There are no limits to how low that little cockmonster will stoop to get the humiliation he craves!

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