More humiliation at the hands of Mistress Tara

Dearest Mistress Tara,

Again another fabulous session with You. You have the knack of creating the right circumstances for total enjoyment.

While, as I said at the time, CBT and impact play are my first love, being humiliated as a total little slut in front of You and slavegirl M was just great. Of course, wanting to be humiliated, looking forward to it and then suffering the reality of it are totally different. You created a magnificent scene. I really felt like a totally humiliated little slut. Your sniffing me and then ordering me back to the bathroom and You supervising me washing my smelly arse in front of You including getting me to spread my arse cheeks wide and ensuring I got my finger right up my arse was totally embarrasing. But then putting makeup and a wig on me and having me on my back with legs spread while You finger fucked my arse and slavegirl M tried to improve my cock sucking skills by fucking my mouth with a dildo – well that was just total embarrassment and humiliation.

It didn’t get any less embarrassing or humiliating when You had me get on all fours and then used the dildo I had been sucking to ram up my arse and loosen me up all the time threatening me with Your monster black dildo without lube if I didn’t stop moaning and loosen my arse to receive more and more of the dildo. I think I made some progress, but I certainly need more sessions with You until I can be worthy of You and take all Your dildoes without any groaning.

If I thought I had been humiliated enough well You didn’t stop there. Making me jerk off in front of You and slavegirl M for someone already feeling totally ashamed and ridiculous was just the icing on the cake. The fact that I failed You is something that I feel totally ashamed humiliated and embarrassed by. It was just lucky that You had some saved cum from another session. That was the ultimate in humiliation. Being made to lick up every drop of another man’s cum in front of You and m – well I think You can guess how inadequate I feel in front of You.

To end up with You filming slavegirl M cleaning up my face to get the makeup off by her pissing what seemed like gallons of piss all over my face and into my mouth was just the perfect end to a perfect session.

Not only do You get more beautiful each day, Mistress, Your sessions also just keep getting better and better. You are certainly simply the best Mistress ever.

Yours lovingly

punycunt xxxxxxxxx

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