Punycunt is a pissdrinker

We all know punycunt is a complete slut cunt whore who will do absolutely anything to amuse and entertain Ladies no matter how humiliating or embarrassing it is for him.

One of the tasks that the old cunt will perform is to act as a toilet for Ladies. This can be useful if the line to the Ladies toilet is a little too long or there is no toilet nearby.

All that the Lady need say is, “puny, you fucking cunt – assume position 6, now!” We will go through positions for puny to assume at a future stage but for now, suffice to say, position 6 is the toilet position. There the naked old cunt immediately has to lie flat on his back, his head positioned as close as possible to the Lady with his mouth wide open ready to receive the Lady’s golden offering.

He is reasonably good at swallowing but does still spill some. If that occurs, then the Lady has little choice but to admonish puny by ordering him to clean up the mess immediately. She will say something like, “puny, you fucking messy cunt, clean that up, now!” Puny must immediately get on all fours and begin to lick up the spillage. The Lady will usually then give puny several very hard kicks to his balls without warning as a means of chastisement and encouragement to swallow better next time. She will usually reinforce this verbally as well as she is kicking him with words such as, “Don’t let that happen again, you useless fucking cunt!”

Some time ago, puny was visiting a Lady friend who has a penchant for piss play. In fact, during dinner, while the Lady enjoyed a nice glass of wine, puny was able to join her but he had his own particular glass prepared for him. A glass of the Lady’s own personal wine which she had pissed into the glass and chilled ready for puny to drink. puny thought it was delicious as the Lady laughed heartily watching puny drink all her chilled piss.

After dinner, puny was told to go outside and lie down on the lawn while the happy Lady proceeded to bathe puny from head to toe in her gorgeous piss. You can see from the photos that the Lady did a very thorough job.

On another occasion with Mistress Tara, puny was very lucky at the end of the session to have slave M piss all over puny, especially on his face and mouth in an attempt to clean up some of the humiliating makeup Mistress Tara had applied to puny to make him look a complete an utter slut cunt whore.

So Ladies, if you’d like to experience the delights of pissing on a willing old slut cunt whore, now you know what to do. All you need do is get in contact with him via this site and say, “puny, you fucking cunt – come here and assume position 6, now!” If you are going to a party he will be at, you can also bring a bottle of your own chilled piss to make him drink in front of all the partygoers.

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