Puny makes an arse of himself at the Sydney Mardi Gras

This year puny took part in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

Before taking part in the parade, he had visited the fantastic Mistress Tara to assist Her in a training session for a trainee Mistress. Puny was able to allow Mistress Tara to demonstrate various tie and tease, CBT and anal techniques to the eager young Lady undergoing training. The young trainee certainly took to anal very well and she gave puny quite an arsefucking with one of Mistress Tara’s medium sized strapons.

Having taken leave of Mistress Tara, puny headed back to his hotel to get ready for Mardi Gras. With his freshly fucked arse and his cock and balls still tingling from Mistress Tara’s electro play, he gleefully headed off to the parade.

Now before we go much further, Mistress Tara can confirm that puny is not gay – he is attracted to women rather than men. However, Mistress Tara knows that puny will do what She wants him to do to amuse Ladies and make them laugh at him, no matter how humiliating or embarrassing for him. She knows that a lot of Ladies get off on seeing a bit of manlove, so She will often require Her slaves to perform bi acts on one another. The laughs of the Ladies seeing otherwise straight men suck each other’s cocks is priceless. So to answer the question, is puny gay, then the answer is no – to amuse Mistress Tara and Her Lady friends, however, puny is very much bi. So while he prefers to get his cock action sucking and being fucked up his slut arse by rubber strapons wielded by young Ladies such as Mistress Tara, he will perform the role of cock sucking cum slurping faggot being gang fucked by a series of other males whenever Mistress Tara orders him to perform that role for Her and Her Lady friends’ entertainment.

Puny was able to catch up with a number of his friends from the BDSM scene in Sydney on the float he marched with. After he helped with the float set up, he slipped into his costume. There are a couple of pics of him in the assembly area in his outfit. In some of the pics, you can clearly see the flashing light buttplug puny wore during the parade. When puny was walking around the assembly area before the parade, a number of groups of Ladies had group photos with puny bending over showing off the buttplug inserted up his arse merrily winking and flashing away. There is also a pic of a closeup of the buttplug (taken another time) duly rammed up puny’s arse. There is also a pic taken from the net of a photo taken during the parade showing puny marching with the float and wearing his leather mask.

Unfortunately, puny did not get pics during the parade. But he did amuse the crowd every so often by wiggling his arse and bending over for the crowd to give them a flash of his glowing arsehole. So he did make an arse of himself during the parade.

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