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More humiliation at the hands of Mistress Tara

Dearest Mistress Tara, Again another fabulous session with You. You have the knack of creating the right circumstances for total enjoyment. While, as I said at the time, CBT and impact play are my first love, being humiliated as a total little slut in front of You and slavegirl M was just great. Of course, wanting to be humiliated, looking forward to it and then suffering the reality of it are totally different. You created a magnificent scene. I really felt like a totally humiliated little slut. Your sniffing me and then ordering me back to the bathroom and You
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Bondage Humiliation Session

Yesterday I was again granted the tremendous privilege of being permitted to visit the fabulous Mistress Tara for another wonderful session. She crafts Her sessions perfectly Рno two are ever the same, yet each is highly exhilarating for the lucky little sluts whom She expertly tortures or humiliates in so many delicious ways. After our initial chat, Mistress sent me to the shower to freshen up, but she warned me not to keep Her waiting too long. Unfortunately, a call of nature kept me sitting on the toilet for a while meaning time was ticking away. I had just stepped into
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