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Puny demonstrates the finer points of ball kicking

Some time ago, that greedy little slut cunt whore puny was used to demonstrate to some interested young Ladies the finer points of ballkicking. An eager group of young Ladies gathered around while an young 20 year old girl gave a masterclass in ballbusting. Despite her young age, she is very experienced and has on a number of occasions previously given puny a very sore set of balls. She just loves kicking puny really really hard. So when puny presented his balls, the young Lady took great delight in making puny suffer again, this time in front of some happy
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Puny makes an arse of himself at the Sydney Mardi Gras

This year puny took part in the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. Before taking part in the parade, he had visited the fantastic Mistress Tara to assist Her in a training session for a trainee Mistress. Puny was able to allow Mistress Tara to demonstrate various tie and tease, CBT and anal techniques to the eager young Lady undergoing training. The young trainee certainly took to anal very well and she gave puny quite an arsefucking with one of Mistress Tara’s medium sized strapons. Having taken leave of Mistress Tara, puny headed back to his hotel to get
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